Bonjour Riyadh!

If you enjoy good food, a fascinating story and appreciate creativity you will adore the worlds smallest chef at the Le Meridian in Riyadh!

Your eyes are focusing on a 58mm small chef on your dining table. He is very passionated about his cooking even though he is a bit clumsy. With a fantastic 3D technology and a visual storytelling by a belgian company named Skullmapping, the whole concept comes to life. The visuals are so reallistict hat customers even think it is a hologram.

Each course is filled with fantastic music, delectable dishes and a little chef, who conjures a smile on everybodys face. Watch him scramble, climb, jet-ski while enjoying your dinner from an excellent gourmet kitchen.

Le Petit Chef has expanded to major world cities including London, Hong Kong, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and now also at the Le Meridian in Riyadh.
Don’t miss this unfogettable journey and book now a table for you and your loved ones to create mesmerising memories!

Le Petit Chef @Le Meridian Riyadh