Le Petit Chef discovers Malta

As there is so much tasty food on the island, experiential dining is quickly becoming a new hype that Maltese foodies are getting excited over and with a brand new concept Le Petit Chef, the world’s smallest chef, will bring this idea to the next level!

Maybe you are used to it eating your food while watching a movie but Tiffany Lounge is offering a full-on two hour visual dining experience unlike anything else on the island.

The little Chef, which is popular in places like Asia and Central Europe, takes you around the world during the different courses, showing visually the creation of your meal right before it will be served.

This gorgeous idea is developed by a Belgian-based company named Skullmapping. Overhead projectors are transforming the dining table into an incredible 3D theatre where the table utensils become backdrops and props for the story’s hero to show off his culinary prowess.

Expect high quality food with an magnificent show for kids and adult. For sure this memories will be unforgettable!

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