Le Petit Chef is back!

Jakarta, 30 July 2020 | ‘Le Petit Chef’ is back! After a long wait of almost five months, the smallest chef in the world is cooking elegant multi course meals again in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Saigon, Singapore and Regensburg. Tickets to this unique Cinema + Fine Dining Show can be purchased online at https://lepetitchef.com/

Trying to make the best of widespread lockdowns and restrictions, the global event organiser 2Spicy Entertainment GmbH did adopt to new social distancing regulations in order to bring ‘Le Petit Chef’ back to life. In a statement at Grand Hyatt in Kuala Lumpur, 2Spicy CEO Dr. Fabian Schmitz pointed out: “For us event professionals, 2020 went from very promising to very scary. When Corona hit us in March, all our restaurant locations worldwide did close. We had to go into hibernation – eagerly waiting for the resumption of normal activities. Approaching August, we can clearly see that a new ‘normal’ has now been established. Restaurants and hotels welcome guests again.”

While large gatherings are still a distant dream, 2Spicy was lucky that their installations can be modified to comply with restrictions to prevent the spreading of Corona. 

The company sees an amazing sales response to ‘Le Petit Chef’. People seem excited to finally make entertaining dining experiences again. Fabian Schmitz: “We are pleasantly surprised about strong sales numbers in all locations we have re-opened.”

‘Le Petit Chef’ is a 3D Projection Mapping Show, starring a tiny clumsy cook. He cooks meals atop real dining tables. Each video clip is mapped perfectly to the table setting. This creates a convincing illusion the tiny chef is interacting with everything on it. On site, the virtual celebrity cook needs some serious backup, because all of his trials to cook something fancy end up in a catastrophe. To save the day, a local top tier chef takes care of the actual meals for the diners.

With more restaurant locations re-opening, ‘Le Petit Chef’ might be again near you soon. Check it out here -> https://lepetitchef.com/

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