Le Petit Chef – My Story so far

Le Petit Chef
Le Petit Chef – My story so far …

I was born in 2015 in Belgium at Skullmapping Studios. My parents raised me in a matchbox. I’m just 58 mm tall, and I will not grow any larger. As long as I can remember I wanted to become a great cook. I established a tiny little food stand in Marseille. But my food was terrible. I desperately needed some culinary inspiration. So I traveled all the way to China – in the footsteps of Marco Polo. And guess what? The spices I brought back from the Silk Road made the difference! I’m so so famous now! Just check out my videos on YouTube with more than 7 million views logged ­čÖé

My first public appearance as a celebrity chef came in Leuven at the Christmas market in 2015. The next year I was invited to cook for an enthusiastic audience at the World Trade Club restaurant in Dubai. By the end of 2017 I did run my show in five of the world’s finest properties …


Ritz-Carlton Grand Canal in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

World Trade Club Restaurant in Dubai, U.A.E

TT Liquor in London, UK

Hotel Berlin in Berlin, Germany

InterContinental in Shenzhen, China

2018 was my breakthru year. More fine dining restaurants invited me to shine in the spotlight with my 3D Projection Mapping show. 11 to be exact.

When busy cooking, I sometimes act a little clumsy and get myself into all sorts of hilarious scrapes. But luckily the real-life meals from the local chefs always bail me out. For some weird reason, their dishes bear startling resemblances to my animations. I wonder why?


Fairmont Quasar Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey

Katana on Bay in Toronto, Canada

Celebrity Cruise Ships: Edge, Reflection, Silhouette, Infinity and Eclipse, US

Cardigan Place Cellars in Melbourne, Australia

Regent in Taipei, Taiwan

The Standard in Nashville, US

Het Oh Restaurant in Sint-Idesbald (Koksijde), Belgium

Hoftheater in Baienfurt (Lake Constance) in Germany

Hilton at Al Hamra Beach near Ras Al Khaimah, U.A.E.

Le Chef Restaurant in Geneva, Switzerland

Novotel GB (GourmetBar) Hoofddorp in Amsterdam, Netherlands

In 2019, the amount of fine dining locations did grow again. 17 additional restaurants started showing the ‘Le Petit Chef’ dinner experience …


The Elements in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

MGM in Macau, China

The CIA in Copia, US

Faircity Quatermain Hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa

Restaurant Baltazar in Zagreb, Croatia

Durango 259 in Mexico City, Mexico

Westfield (Shepherd’s Bush) in London

Mandarin Oriental in Marrakech, Algeria

Santos in Lisbon, Portugal

B├╝scher┬┤s Hotel in Bielefeld, Germany

Park Hyatt in Bangkok, Thailand

Park Hyatt in HoChiMinCity, Vietnam

Grand Hyatt in Singapore

Kempinski in Cairo, Egypt

Hotel At Six in Stockholm, Sweden

Jade on 36 in Shanghai, China

Restaurant Bungalow in Hongkong, China

And here we are. It’s 2020. I just arrived at the Elch Club Restaurant in Luxembourg. What’s on the menu: Bouillabaisse, Lobster, Chicken, Salad and Ice cream. Who is backing me up this time: Patrice Dumont … C’est formidable ­čÖé

Book your dinner at The Elch Club now -> https://lepetitchef.com/elch-luxembourg/